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Tellus is a leading Independent Marketing Organization (IMO), utilizing a consultative approach to deliver life, annuity, long term care, and disability insurance solutions to agencies through a resource platform and support services. Tellus is backed by the power of Crump Life Insurance Services, a distributor of life and related products in the United States, and helps its agents secure over $80 billion of life insurance coverage for their clients. We have established strong relationships with the industry’s top carriers to bring to market a product suite with the depth and breadth necessary to meet almost any client need.

What is Tellus?

Explore “Why Tellus?” – a series highlighting Tellus’ core values and tools that make BGAs unique and valuable.
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Episode 2: Tellus Resources

In this episode, we talk about the resources Tellus can offer BGAs, including product comparison tools, competitive analyses, underwriting expertise, advanced case design, and more.

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Episode 3: Marketing Solutions

This episode talks about our unique business model which offers custom road maps for marketing campaigns from an extensive library. Not only do we customize product-focused campaigns, but our marketing solutions team also offers co-branding opportunities and in-person meetings and webinars throughout the year.

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Episode 4: Leverage Our Size and Scale

By being part of the Tellus community, you can leverage Tellus’ size and scale to work for your business, including shared services, dedicated personnel, technology projects, and more. Come be part of a large independent distributor of life insurance.

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Episode 5: Special Case Services

With Tellus, you receive in-house underwriting services and an advanced sales professional to attract and close large cases. You also have product specialists for all the products you sell, including life insurance, disability, annuities, and long term care-linked benefits.

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Episode 6: Direct-to-Consumer Services

Our definition of D2C here at Tellus is anything that involves us in wholesale distribution actually connecting with the end consumer. We do this on behalf of your producers and certainly not in competition with them.

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Episode 7: Tellus Direct Markets

Tellus Direct Markets (TDM) assists direct marketers in selling more life insurance, making more money and protecting more families.

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Episode 8: Legal and Regulatory Compliance

At Tellus, we have our parent company legal team that monitors developments within the life and annuity distributors and seeks solutions for us to comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

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Episode 9: Tellus Community

We have one of the best communities in the industry here at Tellus Brokerage Connections. This is tight-knit group with top performers in the industry. Our agencies know the market, they know about other, good, IMO options in the industry, and they chose Tellus! We have over 60 strong agencies and are still growing. We offer many chances to learn, grow and partner for success. Connect with winners in the industry, and come to Tellus.