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Leading Technology
Tellus works with multiple technology companies to expedite your cases efficiently.
    • Digital ecosystem and industry data exchange
    • Largest collection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the industry
    • All communication with carriers and vendors is electronic
    • Our technology results in faster case submissions, reduced cycle time, increased placement ratio, commission information in real time, and licensing and appointment data at your fingertips
      Marketing and Advanced Sales
      Our Marketing Solutions team specializes in personalized branding, strategic campaigns, educational meetings, and social media to help you strengthen your brand in the market. We also have a dedicated Advanced Sales specialist to help you attract and close large cases. 

      • Customized marketing campaigns and calendars coupled with graphic design services
      • Co-branding opportunities (e.g. fact finders,toolkits, email communications, and sales pieces) for producer audiences
      • Meetings and monthly webinars to network and learn about upcoming trends
      • Dedicated Advanced Sales specialist on staff to assist with business, estate planning, executive benefits and wealth transfer needs
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      Tellus’ website offers extensive information, tools and resources to help you streamline your business from start to finish.

      • Commission schedules, contracting kits, and case status
      • Access the latest carrier forms and software downloads
      • Sales and marketing collateral for each product line (Life, Advanced Sales, LTC, Disability, and Annuities)
      • Carrier microsites, sales ideas and contact information
      • Carrier news and headlines today and yesterday, along with financial ratings
      Product Solution Centers
      Keep abreast of industry and product changes with access to our product solution centers (LTC, Disability and Annuities).

      • Single source access to sales support, illustrations, licensing and contracting, and case management for product solution centers
      • Full-time product and competitive support with dedicated wholesalers for LTC, Disability, and Annuities
      • Annuity Hot List and rate grids, along with an extensive online library of sales pieces
      • Enables your agency to be a “one-stop shop”
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      Underwriting Expertise
      Focusing on high-end risk cases, our underwriting staff and materials help you find the best offer for those difficult cases.

      • Dedicated Underwriter on staff to assist with cases
      • Over 70 medical impairment questionnaires
      • Carrier quick quote guidelines, retention grids, and carrier medical questionnaires on
      • Foreign National underwriting materials, including special carrier forms and guidelines on
      • Table shave and accelerated underwriting options
      • RiskRighter: APS summary service
      • Dedicated Business Consultants

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